Short Term Hockey School - Controlled Contact

  • Short Term Hockey School - Controlled Contact

    Short term accident and liability insurance. Great for Midget and Bantam aged student players.

    Short term coverage (6 months or less) for both on-ice and dry land training for students, instructors and volunteers


    Minimum Premium

    Premium quoted is subject to a $30 administration fee.

    Choose a quantity of students and adults
    Quantity of Student Players
    Accident Insurance for Adult Players, Coaches, Managers & Referees
    Administration Fee
    I agree that purchase of this insurance requires an administration fee of $30

    Your Hockey School or Camp operations need liability and accident insurance and at Canadian Sports Insurance Broker, we have made it easy to provide you with coverage for all your short term Hockey School needs.

    Our program includes coverage for both a non-contact and contact hockey camp or school. 

    This is our Contact Hockey School product. For our Non-Contact product click here.

    We provide you with Liability Insurance with a $5 million liability limit including participants liability.

    All on ice activities and dryland training associated with your camp or school are covered. Coverage is also included for instructors or volunteers.

    An additional insured can be added at no additional cost so you can provide confirmation to the facilities you are using.